Barnes Miami’s service offerings

If you wish to invest in Miami real estate, it is strongly recommended that you do so with the help of a licensed professional as the city’s real estate market can often be particular and difficult to grasp, especially for new Miami residents. Whatever your Miami real estate project may entail, whether it be a sale, a purchase, a rental, a pre-construction investment, a new business venture or even a fulfillment of administrative requirements needed to undertake these operations, Barnes Miami and its agents are ready to offer you a full range of services to help you in this exciting step.

If you would like to rent, buy or sell and apartment or villa in Miami, it is in your best interest to speak with a real estate professional and have them assist you in your search. Reaching out to multiple agents at once, unlike in other countries, is unnecessary as all agents have access to the same central database (known as the MLS) with all public listings in properties available for sale or rent. Additionally, it is important to take note that the payment of your real estate consultant is included in the sales commission, which is paid for by the seller and not by the buyer. As such, it is clearly in your interest to solicit the help of one of our professionals!


At Barnes Miami, our team is available to advise you on all your real estate projects in Florida. On top of that, we offer several services to assist you:

  • When are you looking to purchase?

  • Already pre-approved for financing?

  • Are you also looking to sell your home?