BARNES MIAMI: Who are we?

BARNES MIAMI: Who are we?

International Luxury Real Estate Specialists

Founded more than twenty years ago, BARNES is today a major player in the international luxury real estate industry. Bringing global expertise to its clients, BARNES provides expert advice in both international investments and local real estate purchases.


Present in many major cities, including Paris, Brussels, Geneva, London, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Miami, Los Angeles, Moscow and Monaco, BARNES also has a foothold in prestigious locations valued by our international clientele. You can find a BARNES location in Biarritz, Corsica, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Courchevel, St. Barth’s, Mauritius, Marrakech, Gstaad, Verbier, and Lugano, among others. In total, sixty five BARNES offices are dispersed around the globe… and our presence continues to grow every year!


Our Expertise

A Global Vision with a Local Focus

At BARNES, we use our market expertise to provide unique real estate opportunities, manage international investments and help our clients make better property investment decisions. Combining the data and specialized knowledge of more than 400 real estate professionals across different countries on one common platform enables us to offer our international clientele the most personalized, efficient and homogenous service possible, consistently available throughout each of our locations. BARNES MIAMI is proud to be a valuable component of this larger network, boasting more than a decade of experience in South Florida, effectively providing our clients with unique local insight conscious of the broader global context.

Specific Service Areas:

  • Property purchase
  • Brokerage
  • Rentals
  • One-of-a-kind properties
  • New developments
  • Property management


Investment specialty areas

  • Office Spaces
  • Business Repurchases
  • Commercial investments


A luxury brand with worldwide recognition

BARNES is a luxury brand always striving for excellence in service. Present in a range of relevant cities, BARNES offers an exclusive and stellar selection of rare products located throughout Europe, the United States, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.

Already well-established and reputed in France and abroad, BARNES continues to reach farther in each corner of the globe with the objective of becoming the foremost experts in luxury real estate services for high net worth individuals. In order to achieve this goal, the BARNES team is perpetually searching for opportunities to expand their network. In the coming years, BARNES expects the development of offices in dynamic cities like Budapest, Marbella, Zurich, Montreal, Vienna and Athens.

A global service

BARNES offers its clientele an internationally oriented personalized service, giving our patrons access to unique goods anywhere in the world and allowing them to undertake projects across the entire spectrum of real estate operations, from selling apartments and homes to purchasing boutiques, castles, hunting domains and new constructions. BARNES accompanies clients every step of the way, offering property management guidance and advice, concierge services, renovation management, architecture and interior design planning, judicial and financial specialists and more. Therefore, each BARNES client can have full trust they will be served with competency and with an international outlook on their projects.

As explains Thibault de Saint Vincent, our president, “Hight net worth buyers on the lookout for houses, apartments, oceanfront villas, or even countryside properties have the world as their oyster. It is our prerogative to accompany them in this journey and offer a global service, beyond simply finding the adequate real estate product and including judicial and fiscal advice, personalized guidance, various renovation and decoration plans– not only in their home city, but in any area of their preference. The trend of globalization should follow in real estate services, too.”

Aside from its services in real estate, BARNES rallies its resources and network to provide advice in art, yacht and jet rentals, antique vehicles, architecture and renovation, family businesses, wealth management, legal inquiries and financial planning. BARNES relies on the expertise of professionals reputed and recognized for their work in each of these luxury industries.

Our values: Luxury and Honesty

Values of a luxury brand

“We are, and are proud to be, a luxury brand. This label honors us but also entails certain obligations,” explains Heidi Barnes, founder of BARNES. For BARNES, luxury means the constant pursuit of excellence and closest attention to detail. Our founder continues: “exploring the four corners of the globe, we are constantly searching for new places and new products, valuing rarity, exceptional locations and long term financial sustainability. Keeping a foot in the past but always curious about what the future has in store, we want to make our timeless mark on the industry, always ensuring our relationships are based on mutual trust, lasting impact and the feeling of exclusivity.”

Ethical conduct: a core value

At BARNES, we place the utmost importance on irreproachable ethical conduct in all of our real estate transactions. We demand the highest level of integrity from all of our collaborators in order to maintain and respect the trust placed in us by our clients. The BARNES uniform adherence to a legislative and normative code ensures all services, whether they be located in the Caribbean, in Europe, or in North America, reflect this commitment. We also operate with strict confidentiality standards across our teams and frequently assess the environment to guarantee none of our collaborators could be in positions of conflict of interest.

BARNES also insists on the principle of transparency to the highest degree, allowing clients to maintain constant clarity on the status of their operations. The agency commits to providing clear and precise reports with frequent information on billing and ensuring contracts are drawn up to be as  straightforward and irreproachable as possible.

Communication: a major BARNES asset

BARNES showcases its expertise through renewed presence in widely read national and international publications, internet content platforms and the local periodicals of all sixty five BARNES locations.

BARNES MIAMI regularly publishes in different regional magazines such as Haven, Brickell, or Key Biscayne, as well as in internationally recognized titles like the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The BARNES LUXURY HOMES magazine, published twice a year and circulated 200,000 times, is a true testament to the French “art de vivre” and to the range of the newest, most captivating products available in the international luxury real estate market. Its diffusion is global, including special editions in Russia, Switzerland, China and Israel. A powerful communication tool, our magazine offers a selection of the most unique products in our repertoire, lifestyle inspiration, trends in the luxury goods industry as well as any relevant BARNES news.

In collaboration with other real estate firms from New York and Los Angeles, BARNES MIAMI is launching this year an edition of BARNES LUXURY HOMES dedicated to the north american real estate market.

Barnes digital

Our website showcases our entire selection of products for sale and rent in Miami and is updated daily. Present on the web and major social media outlets, BARNES recently launched a web media dedicated to the luxury industry, known as “So Barnes,” in order to familiarize our clients with the most unique destinations across the globe and to enable them to access our high end services.

A valued industry opinion

BARNES brings its expertise to the international luxury real estate market by publishing each year a study in collaboration with other experts. BARNES recently signed an exclusive partnership with Wealth-X and Warburg, a real estate leader in the United States, in order to create The Global Property Handbook, a report on the international luxury real estate market targeting high net worth individuals.

Our clients and partners live in a world where the anticipation of significant economic changes and the ability to discern relevant new trends are essential to make sustainable investments. This is why our report aims to provide a synthesis of the decisive factors to consider when buying property and presents a detailed analysis of the “hot” destinations for luxury real estate investments. This study also invites readers to discover cities of the future, metropoles on the rise, locations in high demand and the latest lifestyle trends of an increasingly nomadic population, often expatriated and equipped with a global mindset when considering the luxury real estate industry.

Recruitment and training, enablers of our service quality

The best market training for our teams

BARNES consultants are our brand’s biggest asset and the vehicle behind our success. This is why we make it a point to enable them to receive the best industry training available.

To achieve this goal, we have developed in partnership with “l’Ecole de la Transaction immobilière” a special training program taken by our consultants regularly and mandatorily. This training is the foundation of the trust placed in our team members and highlights the importance we place on quality of service. Based out of Paris, this training is available to consultants from any of our global locations.


Join our team

BARNES has at its disposal a global network of 65 offices in economic capitals around the world and in the most beautiful escape towns. Our development relies on a business model unique in our industry: a high quality, fully integrated, international real estate service.

This success relies mainly on our ability to understand and take into account the nature of our clients needs, to bring complementary areas of expertise to the table, and to recruit ambitious teams of qualified consultants who place client satisfaction at the heart of their approach.

BARNES places the utmost importance on the training of its consultants in order to be able to offer the highest quality service to our clients. All of our teams participate in an internal training program to better accompany our clients in the  legal, fiscal and administrative aspect of their real estate projects.

As such, BARNES is constantly on the lookout for new talent to accommodate the firm’s growth. If you are interested in becoming a BARNES consultant or in obtaining a real estate license, please contact us.


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