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Advice to move in Miami

A few tips to help you relocate to Miami

In recent years, more and more European people who want to settle in the United States choose Miami. With a dynamic employment market, and the opening to international trade, Miami is a global city, gateway of the Americas.

Miami offers many career opportunities thanks to a wide range of sectors. With a very strong focus on Hospitality, logistics and International Trade, Miami has also developed aerospace, healthcare and biomedical, luxury travel retail and more recently is nurturing a new Tech community with skilled engineers from all over the world. Home of large corporations as well as many successful small businesses, Miami has been ranked recently one of the top 10 cities for creating a business.

However, settling in Miami requires some planning. You must be aware of the job opportunities, cost of living before you decide to make the big move. Likewise, if you want to live in Florida, you will need housing. But rest assured, our team will help you in your moving process and in the lease or purchase of your future home.

Preparing your departure and relocating to Florida

Moving to another city or country requires a lot of planning and organizing. Coming from abroad you will need a visa. Immigration lawyers are the first step to start the process which can take more than a year. It is sometimes difficult to understand the order to complete the different steps. For example, you may have to invest first to get the visa (Investor).
Early in the process, you will have to open a bank account in the U.S. If you plan to get a loan for your residence purchase, then it is better to start working with a bank that will help you build your credit and will also be your lender.
Cost of living analysis is also very important to determine your budget for your commercial and residential investments.
Our experts will help you in your search for a property and organize the different steps as soon as you are ready to relocate.

Trust a team of professionals in finding your future home

Moving to another country or another city is an important and complex decision. And if your dream is to live in Miami, or Fort Lauderdale in Florida, please contact our team early in the project, we’ll be happy to assist you!

According to your budget, your lifestyle and your needs, we will find the right condo or house that suits you. Whether you are moving for work, for family or personal reasons, our team of professionals will accompany you in your project. A first trip will allow us to show you many options and to get familiar with the lifestyle, culture, economic environment and real estate market. Then we will be able to follow up on regular basis , and even to prepare your future home. Thanks to our property management department, you can buy and arrive a couple of months later. From your closing to your moving, Barnes efficient team will manage everything.

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